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Founded in 2021, XPACE TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD stands at the forefront of reshaping the landscape of advanced IT solutions. Our expertise spans a spectrum of services, specializing in IT consulting, cloud solutions, AI, IoT, ERP, HRMS, CRM, and web development. Beyond merely offering services, our mission is to redefine industry standards by fostering transformative experiences that seamlessly merge technology with business strategies. We envision and actively pave the way for enterprises to thrive in the evolving digital sphere.
At XPACE TECHNOLOGIES, our commitment extends far beyond conventional solutions. We champion the infusion of innovation into every facet of our operations, aiming to steer businesses towards unparalleled success by leveraging cutting-edge technological advancements. Our relentless pursuit is to create not just solutions, but profound digital experiences that empower businesses to navigate and excel in the future.
Meet Our Founder

Muhammad Raheel

Director & CEO

XPACE TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD was founded by Muhammad Raheel, a seasoned entrepreneur wielding profound expertise in the IT sector. Raheel's journey encompasses an astute understanding of successful business launches and effective management, rooted in superior team leadership and service excellence.

Beyond conventional IT paradigms, Raheel perceives technology as more than just a tool%4it's the seamless integration of devices across networks, embodying not only innovation but also a passionately advocated way of life. His multifaceted role as an entrepreneur, startup consultant, advisor, and mentor reflects his unwavering commitment to nurturing startups.

Raheel's fervent passion lies in cultivating dream teams, fostering growth, and facilitating global scaling for aspiring startups. Leveraging his extensive professional network, he empowers startups to materialize their aspirations and transform visions into thriving realities.
Muhammad Raheel
Managing Director | CEO
Sajid Majeed
Cheif Technology Officer
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